Day 5 – Patterdale to Shap – 16 miles/26 km

Snow on May 10th? YES. Don’t worry, you’re not reading yesterday’s post. But yes, there was snow and lots of it. Mostly blasting in our faces on the approach to the summit of Kidsty Pike.

The day started so hopeful with a lovely morning in Patterdale. The cuckoo that sang us to sleep last night woke us up again to blue skies and sun!

It didn’t last long.

After losing our way as the snow closed in (probably adding at least half a mile of tramping) we made it to the top at almost 800 metres – or 2500 feet in old money. Thankfully, it was downhill to Haweswater Reservoir. Sadly, the decent was a knee crunching one, and as Tris had badly bruised his toe kicking a step (accidentally, I think) at the Youth Hostel where we’d camped, it was pretty painful for both of us and we were relieved to reach the lakeside. And it stopped raining or snowing.

Leaving the lakeside was like leaving the Lake District. The landscape suddenly changed and we could look back at the hills we’d come across in the last days slipping slowly into the background.

Still with 5.5 miles to go and realising our water was running low we asked an old man working in his garden if we could refill which he happily did. 2 minutes later hidden at the bottom of a stile we found the most surprising honesty box – full of goodies.

All the chocolate is in the red box. Not wanting to add any more weight to our already tired legs we pressed on towards Shap.

It’s been a really long day, but I’m through the Lake District. No other words than it’s been really, really tough, but beautiful as well. And I know why I’m doing it.

During the day one of my colleagues sent me a message she’d just received.

Thanks to all you that have left comments and messages of encouragement. I can’t reply to them, but I read them all and each one helps me along. I realise I’m not on this journey alone. It reminds me that I’m not going through all this pain and suffering for nothing 🙂


Last night the skies cleared. The hills looked fresh and washed clean as they can only do in the Lake District and the higher peaks were still touch by the last rays of the sun going down. After the storm of the day, everything was peaceful. Beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Patterdale to Shap – 16 miles/26 km

  1. How did you leave chocolate in the red box? You both really deserve chocolate after the journey and the weather you have had to cope with! Well done getting through today. You are doing so well. I hope you have left the snow behind. Praying you both have a peaceful and comfortable night and wake refreshed and restored.
    Good night, God bless.


  2. Hi Mark well done for completing another day it does look tough your doing really well . Love the photos helps me picture your experience blessings. Andi.


  3. Well done. What a long day. The photos are beautiful. I hope that is the last of the snow for you. It is sunny and much warmer in North Yorkshire today. Tom has gone to Halifax today for preparation for the children’s work at Elim Festival. That will be a great adventure for all your lovely children. The letter from the In2out client is an inspiration. Praise the Lord! love Claire


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